Movie Script Proposal Assignment


From the syllabus:

“Each student will create a written proposal of an idea for a 10 to 12 minute, wide-screen, color film.  This proposal should include a narrative treatment, a scene breakdown, and an example script.  This document should be 6 to 10 pages in length.  Each student will present his/her proposal to the class.  Proposals will be evaluated for creativity, workability, and completeness.  Make sure that the idea of the film presents a clear dramatic conflict, interesting characters, and a theme that is not in conflict with a Christian worldview.




  1. Beginning paragraph should include title of movie, general theme or purpose, and the expected audience demographic for film.
  2. The narrative treatment (synopsis) is a prose version of the story.  No dialogue is included with this.  The treatment would be 2 pages in length, double-spaced, for a 10- 12 minute film. 
  3. The scene breakdown or schematic lists all scenes.  Under each scene include a description of the location, characters involved, interior or exterior, time of day, and any special features or actions that are appropriate. Keep this in list format - not paragragh.
  4. The sample script portion of the proposal is to be written in screenplay format.  Take one scene or a couple connected scenes and write the action and dialogue for those scenes.  This part should be two to three pages in length.  If the scene is too long for three pages, just stop after the third page.  It is only a sample of script.  Make sure to follow script format exactly.


Proposal should be typed and written towards convincing someone that this is a good idea.  No budget information is requested at this time.  Turn in by deadline – February 19.  NO PROPOSALS WILL BE ACCEPTED LATE. IF YOU MISS THE DEADLINE, YOU RECEIVE A ZERO. Sorry about the tough love, but we have to stay on schedule for this project.


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